Fath Iran Factory Group, a manufacturer of false floors in Iran

Fath Iran Factories Group (Spark Machine Tool) with the use of specialized and committed staff and using modern machinery and modern technology in the field of production of false floors, false ceilings, partitions, design and manufacture of molds and production of aluminum parts since 1982 Has begun. The company is also the sales agent and distributor of Knauf false floor products of the German company Knauf throughout Iran.

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پروژه-Phase 12 of South Pars

Phase 12 of South Pars

پروژه-Salman platform

Salman platform

پروژه-Paresar Combined cycle

Paresar Combined cycle

پروژه-Mehrabad airport

Mehrabad airport

پروژه-Milad hospital

Milad hospital

پروژه-Aryasasol petrochemical

Aryasasol petrochemical

پروژه-Mashhad Metro

Mashhad Metro

پروژه-Tehran Telecommunication

Tehran Telecommunication

پروژه-Tabriz Metro

Tabriz Metro

پروژه-Central building of Tourism Bank

Central building of Tourism Bank

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